You Say You Want A Revolution...AGAIN?!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm certain that you crave certainty. And I'm certain that you crave CHANGE . I'm also certain that in order to create a change you probably want to be certain that it's a good idea. Or if you aren't certain you want a change you can certainly agree that change can be good sometimes. And certainly if you aren't certain that the change is good that you can change back to something you feel certain about in the future. Certainly.

The good thing about paint is that unlike other forms of change it's the easiest to, well....change. It's almost completely risk free in that regard and is probably the fastest way to change how you feel about your environment without literally moving and changing your environment. But again, why change your home or business? I told you I'd tell you why and here is the scoop: I learned from reading about restaurants that the most important factors for a successful restaurant were not food, service, overall value or even a super hot hostess. The real success factors are physical ambiance.

Weird right? Lighting, music/noise, seating, colors and location in an interesting area have more to do with your enjoyment of a meal and repeated patronage than even the tastiest treat. Well, that and booze. The reason ambiance is so important is that it makes your entire body feel good. The right lighting can make your husband look more like George Clooney and less like George Jetson. The right background music can subtly influence you to "Get it On" as Marvin Gaye would suggest rather than "Kick Out the Jams" which you might feel compelled to do while noshing at a biker hamburger joint. The high-backed seats will make you feel more cozy and intimate, the place will feel more alive with a couple of plants, and in the right part of town you will feel like your are snugly nestled in literally "the place to be".

How many times have you not bought some clothes you were trying on because the cheap, stark lighting in the dressing room made you look like a pile of quivering goose fat stuffed into tube sock (what, just me?). Or, conversely, have you ever been in a charmingly lit bathroom and thought you saw a movie star in the mirror--even if it was Steve Buscemi. You get the idea. It affects you.

So I ask you, how might your own home dining experience be bettered with some toasted-bread tones on the dining room walls? Or would your marital romance be affected by your own private Italian view instead of flat, white walls? Would your restaurant or office feel more friendly or unique with a makeover? How would that affect customer satisfaction? How would you start your day if the colors in your bathroom made your skin look radiant?

We can transform your space into an oasis of visual harmony with color and texture (furniture not included) with the same easy grace it takes an orange blossom to pop. Again, it's time for change. I'm certain of it.

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