Getting Plastered at Work

Thursday, March 12, 2015
 I spent the entire day resisting making that terrible pun about getting had to finally come out. Apologies. I'm excited about this project. For a few weeks I've been refining the samples and negotiating the look with the client. It's taken a few tries to coordinate the colors properly to work with the existing decor and wall colors. 

We are going for a classical look with a French contemporary flair to warm up their dining room space. We wanted something both understated (so as not to contrast too much with the rest of the house) and chic. As you can imagine this is a fine line to walk. We chose a bold accent wall with faux brick panels (coming soon) and a classic aged plaster for the rest of the room. 

The ceiling is also getting a #fauxpainting makeover to accentuate and highlight the elegant trim work. Day one was all base coating the ceiling and getting the first layer of plaster on. Mission accomplished.

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