How to Paint a Dachshund While Sneezing

Saturday, February 18, 2017
It finally happened. I got a cold. I normally have a ridiculously robust immune system but a few nights of insomnia in a row have finally opened the door to whatever virus was knocking at the castle gates. Le sigh...

Fortunately, it's a nice gray Saturday, perfect for painting and catching up on computer stuff. In an effort to keep my pet portrait paintings loose and fun I like to do some speed painting now and then. I set a time limit of one or two albums per painting and then go with the flow. Today I chose a long haired dachshund and for some reason I chose a Dead Can Dance album. Tonally they don't quite go together but sometimes you just have to experiment. So far so good! 

Since I paint intuitively, I always wonder how much the mood of the painting is affected by the music. I suspect the medieval moodiness of "A Passage in Time" will add some gravitas to this goofy, yet elegant longhair doxie. 
Dachshund pet portrait in progress...goth style soundtrack
In waking up this morning I stumbled on a little sketch I made years ago of some satyrs and flowers--a theme I painted constantly in my teens all the way into my thirties. I think this was just a little doodle to loosen up (current theme) before sketching. Still, I'm overdue for a nymph and satyr painting. Spring is right around the corner! 
Now, I'm on to the fun tasks of creating a new website and uploading my prints to my Etsy Shop. I should probably look into my zazzle store today too. Achoo!!! Or maybe not.

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