Garage Door Mania

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I don't know about you, but I have a bit of an obsessive streak. I will listen to an album or song fifty times in a row like a diligent farmer sowing music seeds in the folds of my brain. I will watch every movie by a certain actor within the span of a month. I get a perverse thrill when I complete the task. I take immense pleasure in organizing my books and media by subject, size and category. I can't count the hours I've frittered away maniacally trying to defeat some video game level. It can be a bit of a problem.

And this is just the tiny tip of this insidious iceberg. However, I would argue though that a passion for detail and high standards can be used for good as well as creepy hobbies. You can see the shiny side of this coin gleaming in my work. I take great care to use the right products for the job, produce the highest quality work that I can, and do diligent research beforehand to create the best possible results. I never just slap paint on a wall like a drunken monkey and hope for the best. I care about each and every project--sometimes a little too might even say I become a little.....obsessed ;-)

My current obsession? Garage doors. Everywhere I drive I see chalky white aluminum garage doors and I long to transform them into majestic mahogany, ancient oak, or dusty driftwood. I want to paint them to match the wood of the front door. Every one looks like a clean, white canvas just calling me from the end of the driveway. I'm convinced that each one is tired of being ignored and neglected. They are yearning to be decorated and completed. They want to be transformed, their inner splendor revealed. Of course these are the strange thoughts of an artist touched by an obsession.

Practically speaking there are several great reasons to have your garage door painted to look like wood or some other interesting texture. For starters, it increases the curb appeal and aesthetic value of your house. It's the fantastic finishing touch that completes the home. One of the primary advantages of having your garage door painted is that your front door and garage can at last match. I like to coordinate the two so the design is taken to the next level. And, not only are you going green by saving trees you are saving approximately 85% on the cost of real wood doors. Not only that, but real wood doors require a ton of costly maintenance, especially here in Florida. In just a few summers the sealers begin to crack, wither and fade. Not so with Painted Poetry garage doors.

I like to paint directly on your aluminum, vinyl or steel garage door using top quality, low VOC products that last for ages. I periodically check on my previous projects just to see how they are holding up. So far so good! Every one of my garage doors looks the exact same was when I left it--sometimes several years ago. I am continually adding to my repertoire of wood grain colors and techniques as well.

So, as far as obsessions go, I think my garage door painting passion is perfectly sane. OK, well mostly sane. In any case it's a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to upgrade their real estate value and add that special something that sets their home apart from the rest of the neighborhood. Wood-ent you agree? ;-)


  1. I felt that way too, Robert. Sometimes when I also see a plain and simple garage door, I want to change its color to a darker one, just to make it stand out from the other white colored doors. Well, rustic colored garage doors would certainly bring out that sense of modernism for your home, which is unique and distinctive.

    Sharron Folkes

  2. Aside from using a darker shade for your garage door, there are other awesome ways that you can consider if you really want your door to stand out from the rest. You can paint it with creative designs and there are also a lot of garage door posters these days that will truly give your door a bizarre design.

    Libbie Olivas