Why I Paint Pets

Sunday, July 28, 2013
Memorial Pet Portrait of Bailey by Robert Phelps
     Hi, my name is Robert Phelps. I'm an artist living in St. Pete, Florida. This is my second blog. My first one is for my business Painted Poetry, LLC. I'm an expressive figurative artist with a background in decorative painting. Over the years I've been painting more and more pet portraits so I decided it was time to feature them in a blog of their own. Viola!

     So why pet portraits? Simple. Because I love animals--all of them, especially the ones who make our lives richer and fuller. I feel that in our complex world the simplicity of our animal companions keeps us grounded in reality and connected to the Earth in a real and tangible way. In an interesting and ironic way I feel the simplest creatures reflect and inspire our highest emotions. Even people who can't express love or joy in society melt like fondue when in the presence of a dog or cat. They feel free to be open, unguarded and caring to a furry friend. 

     Artistically I enjoy the challenge. Each animal is unique and finding ways to express their individuality is fun and interesting for me. And most gratifyingly of all is the way my clients respond to the artwork. Sometimes they tear up when they see the finished project. Often I conspire with a spouse or friend to surprise their recipient with the painting--that is a lot of fun. 

   So, that's it for now. Hello, how do you do? I paint pets for me and you ;-) 
Artist Robert Phelps with a few of his portraits

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