Multitudes O' Me

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
I have decided to re-post this little bit o' craziness with all the updated pictures I've made in the past few years ;-)

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.
Walt Whitman

    I've always loved fooling around with costumes and personas. Astrologers would say this was natural for a Gemini and I would have to agree. These days I am pretty much constantly working on murals, paintings, faux projects, etc. When I want to have some fun I fool around on the computer for a few minutes challenging myself to create a unique disguise a la Sherlock Holmes. I find it incredibly fun and it makes me titter like a monkey every time. 

The artist as a young miscreant. Here I am in 1986 or so as a wayward 10 year old. There was a companion picture to go with this. I dressed "preppy" for another one but my brother cropped my head off by accident. 

When I was a kid I just played with different personas with the camera. I'm far too lazy for playing dress up these days. 

This was a tribute to that within us all that is deathless. Soul, Atman...whatever. I painted this with the idea of myself  in death mask blowing a kiss to myself from beyond. It was a reminder of both death and eternal life. 
I've drawn and painted myself in all sorts of strange ways. What I would look like older, as an Asian, etc.  

Getting my Patrick Nagel on. Without my scruff I look like a totally different person. I didn't want to spend too much time on it. For a quickie I think it's pretty good....
Now on my coffee breaks I get into this kind of Photoshop chicanery.....

Old Timey Robert Phelps

Samurai Warrior Robert Phelps
Devil May Care (He doesn't)  Robert Phelps

Religious Toast Robert Phelps

Victorian Curmudgeon Robert Phelps

Hypnotic Neon Robert Phelps

Patriotic, Beer-Swiller Robert Phelps

80s Trading Card Robert Phelps

Suck It Robert Evans....Robert Phelps took your place in the movie poster

Frenchy Fancy Pants Robert Phelps

Civil War General Robert Phelps

A Dedicated Follower of Fashion
A dedicated follower.....of the One True Ring! 
Robert Phelps vampire....Lost Boys not Twilight....
Robert Phelps zombie horde....

I wanna be your dog! 
Psychedelic Robert Phelps
Time waster? Maybe. But everyone needs hobbies ;-)

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