Baci Ball!

Monday, January 13, 2014
Robert Phelps first cat portrait of 2014!
My latest pet portrait was a birthday present for St. Petersburg luminary Gina Vivinetto Gina has been a friend and great supporter of the arts in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area for as long as I've known her. A few years ago she wrote a glowing review of my rock n' roll artwork on her celebrated blog. She's always been remarkably encouraging with me about my artwork and has commissioned pet portraits from me in the past. In 2013 Gina interviewed me about my pet portraits for the Pinellas County Articulate Arts Blog

Green-eyed Lady!

Sooooo....when her girlfriend reminded me that her birthday was coming up I leapt at the chance to make something special for her.

Sophisti-cat, art lover
 This cat portrait is of her little friend Baci. I have only met her once or twice in person but she has a reputation as a real sweetheart. I like how this came out--it feels especially soft and fuzzy to me. I noticed an almost Renoir-like look and feel to this one. For my zazzle products I called her "Cotton Kitty".

2014 has been off to a great start. More to come!! 

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