Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Still Getting Plastered....

Welcome to the art blog of Robert Phelps, owner of Painted Poetry, LLC. This blog is a general hodgepodge of all the different projects I work on. To see my main site click HERE :-)

Currently I'm returning to a fun project here in St. Petersburg. You can read more about it from this earlier post.

I've just returned from a fantastic vacation in #Asheville , NC with my girlfriend. I had to pull off this project for a week and am just now returning to it. So far my client is happy with the progress. Today I began the process of #fauxpainting the plaster that I applied earlier. I am really loving the combo of rustic brick and plaster. I've lightened and distressed the bricks quite a bit. I still have more work to do on the ceiling later this week.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Getting Plastered at Work

 I spent the entire day resisting making that terrible pun about getting plastered....it had to finally come out. Apologies. I'm excited about this project. For a few weeks I've been refining the samples and negotiating the look with the client. It's taken a few tries to coordinate the colors properly to work with the existing decor and wall colors. 

We are going for a classical look with a French contemporary flair to warm up their dining room space. We wanted something both understated (so as not to contrast too much with the rest of the house) and chic. As you can imagine this is a fine line to walk. We chose a bold accent wall with faux brick panels (coming soon) and a classic aged plaster for the rest of the room. 

The ceiling is also getting a #fauxpainting makeover to accentuate and highlight the elegant trim work. Day one was all base coating the ceiling and getting the first layer of plaster on. Mission accomplished.

Monday, March 9, 2015

She's So Shar...Pei

If you are new and stumbled onto this blog, welcome. My name is Robert Phelps and I am an artist living in St. Petersburg, FL. I do a large variety of work which you can see on my website.

This was a unique challenge for my #petportrait skills. Lucy is my first ever #Sharpei that I've ever painted. She was a memorial portrait so I took it pretty seriously.I worked from a variety of reference photos but ultimately settled on this pose of her by the couch. I close cropped it to get the details more in focus.

The client preferred a square composition and I really liked how the pose showed the full body. In retrospect, although I really like how this #dogportrait turned out, I would like to have used the photo with the flowers as it has a bit more charm. Still, the client was very happy with the finished product. 

The painting process was interesting in that I had intended to use muted/conservative tones throughout. I started off that way but kept getting the "call" to use more vibrant hues. As per usual, I just followed my intuition and watched the painting unfold. I'm happy with the rainbow of tones and now see how appropriate they were.