Painted Poetry Pet Portraits and Posters Pack a Powerful, Painterly Punch!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Perhaps you've perused our public portfolios at and were positively pleased as a pickle to peek at our Pet Portrait Pictures . Pretty projects, eh, Polly? We at Painted Poetry are pretty proud of our pet portrait paintings. To purchase a print please place your pointer HERE pronto to pay a visit to our online store POP ART PARTY , where we presently promote our professional pet portrait products.

Perhaps your primary purpose in popping in to the pet portrait portfolio is to purchase a personalized painted portrait of your pooch  or Pomeranian princess. Perfect! We are pleased as Polynesian pomegranate punch to produce a priceless present for your partner, Papa or pal.

Process? Pricing? Proposals? Pondering the possibilities? Please post your particulars post haste. Email us here: GUESTBOOK

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