Why I Like Making Things Look Like Wood

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I get a secret thrill when I paint Faux Wood . It's as though some weird forest poetry is being written by invisible elves dancing in the brushes. What is it about taking a boring white garage door or Pillar and transforming it to look like natural wood that is so peculiarly satisfying? It just feels right.
I think this is because at heart I am a hillbilly. Although I love the flat, swampy vistas that are Florida's face, my blood is more acclimated to mountain air. Beaches are beautiful, yes, but I prefer rustic paths guarded by armies of oaks and prairies giggling with wildflowers. Rocks and snakes and icy rivers charm me more than surf and spray.
So when the opportunity arises to reclaim some visual territory from the Machine that is eating our villages (read prefabricated homes and McMansions), I pounce on it like a cougar. It feels like making a deposit in the bank of humanity to see doors converted to “wood” and pillars turned back to “stone”. Nature's first trick is that of camouflage.
Plus...you know....it looks good. On the professional side it serves to coordinate the doors with the garage doors. The hues and tones of cabinets and newly-painted wood Pillars virtually sing with color harmony. And you don't even want to know what real wood is gonna cost you, both in a gut-kicked bank account and wood-maintenance drama. So, the best move is to have us come us work our mock Mahogany Magic .
Try it, you'll like it.

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