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Monday, September 17, 2012
Some weeks my job is ridiculously hectic and challenging. The project I wrote about in my recent post is a good example of this. Tight deadlines, cumbersome materials, and technically challenging work can make even this upbeat artiste extraordinaire cranky. With no option but to roll up my sleeves and put my head down I feel a bit like Sisyphus with his bumbling boulder. In the end it's worth it. The client is happy, I'm in a little better shape and usually I've learned a thing or two....sometimes the hard way. 

However, the other side of this dirty little coin gleams like fresh moonbeams bouncing off a magic lake. Dream clients! On the tail end of the aforementioned sign project I was fortunate to have a fantastic pet portrait commissioned by some really amazing people. The lovely couple had already bought one of my paintings on behalf of the Florida English Bulldog Rescue charity auction. 

To make matters even more fun my liaison for this project was another one of my favorite clients--a lovely woman who commissioned this painting for her husband. And for the hat trick of awesome circumstances the subject, Pippa was absolutely adorable and friendly. She's an adorable little girl who gnaws and mangles her favorite chew toy as seen in the picture. It got even better--the clients already had a perfect reference photo to use (Usually I work from a myriad of sample pictures which is pretty difficult) so the sailing was smooth from the get go. 

 This project was the exact opposite of the week before. The couple were in no rush so there was no deadline to speak of. They were really positive, upbeat, friendly, patient and enthusiastic--all of which really put me at ease. Instead of tight, exacting letter painting I was luxuriating in loose, colorful brushstrokes. I really enjoyed the unique tawny tones and patterns of Pippa's fur. It was a fantastic way to spend the week. Painting, listening to podcasts, and sipping coffee.  

As per usual I did make myself a little crazy obsessing over details but that is part and parcel of the whole painting experience for me.  I'm working on simplifying my technique so I don't end up in an institution. 

I've added the lovely Pippa to my online stores in the form of GICLEES and PRINTS and a VARIETY of other products too good not to share. If you'd like to see the up close and personal version of Pippa just click HERE
Hello, Pippa!

Pippa, the English Bulldog by Robert Phelps

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