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Thursday, October 4, 2012
Nathan Alexander, espresso master!
I love when people follow their dreams. I just had a ridiculously yummy sample of some ice cold, handmade rosemary lemonade (sounds like the name of a psychedelic album from the 60's). I followed it up with a perfectly-blended vanilla latte. What makes it so yummy? The secret ingredient is TLC. 
Rosemary Lemonade 
The owner, my friend Nathan, left a dreary job path to embark on a new business close to his heart. His new espresso bar called Rocket Coffee is located 2141 4th Street North here in St. Pete, FL.  He's taken over the once-abandoned coffee corner in our bustling Rally station near downtown. It's nice to see this oasis of handmade treasures gleaming among all the plastic-wrapped convenience store goodies.
I used to visit Nathan when he worked in another coffee shop on Beach Drive. He's one of those good souls that soften the the harsh edges of modern life. Always friendly, gentlemanly and light-hearted, he takes coffee pretty seriously but not in an obnoxious, snooty way. He cares for his craft with an intensity and elegance that reminds me of a master brewer in one of Italy's classic cafes. 
Keepin' it fresh and local!
I wish Nathan the best and will be visiting Rocket Coffee often. He's an old soul with a childlike exuberance and ninja-level mastery of the beans n' brew....and you can't beat that. Shine on you crazy diamond!    ;-) 
Cool logo too!

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