And Now For My Next Trick....

Monday, October 28, 2013
While spelunking in my picture archive I stumbled across these two pictures of some patch work that I had done earlier this year. It's not my favorite type of project but it's weirdly satisfying. I'd much prefer to be painting murals or doing a pet portrait but one rare occasions I get calls from people looking to repair some faux painting done years ago that has suffered some injury. 

These projects are always tricky because they involve trying to match someone else's work including texture and color. Very often the painting was done a decade or more in the past so the exact formula or colors are long gone. 

This particular project was a crazy challenge because the contractors in charge of repairs had made quite a mess of the wall with spackle. Also, the realtor who had commissioned me to do the project had no idea what the basecoat color might be. I mixed and matched all the colors I brought with me and managed to blend it away. Even I was surprised by the results!
 This next little one was a doozy as well. The artist who had painted these pillars had neglected to use primer so of course the paint was going to inevitably peel off. I used some superglue to stave off the worst bits of peeling and then began matching the colors. Fortunately I was able to take a chunk of the peeling paint and color match it so I at least had a good base to start. Presto chango!

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