Rainbow Tiger Magic....

Sunday, January 5, 2014
Well that was fun. As 2013 drew to a close I made quite a few sales at my zazzle store. I'm still exploring the financial viability of maintaining a Zazzle store. I am not sure if it's totally worth the time involved compared to the investment in my other artistic streams of income. I do have to admit it is really fun to do--especially seeing my work on products. I also enjoy the positive feedback from people who loved their purchases. 

Recently I published a 2014 "The Dogs Of Robert Phelps" Wall Calendar and have sold dozens of them--including many international sales in the mix (which I always find thrilling). So far the feedback I've received for these has been fantastic.

Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook about one of my Rainbow Tiger Pillow designs being warmly welcomed by the cozy grandmother of a friend of mine. I thought that was pretty nice. 
I love her face! She's adorable....

Finally, out of the Matrix and into the "Real World" ;-) 

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