Tally Ho!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014
Wow, 2014 is already here! I've been terribly behind on updating my blog. Getting that part of my business streamlined and systematized is a big part of my 2014 plan. So far things have been fantastic with a series of projects already lining up, including a new pet portrait. A local walked by my artwork displayed in the window of Woof, Here It IS and called for a commission. 

My last pet portrait of 2013 was Tally--a 55 doberman who had recently passed. As it was a memorial pet portrait painting, I took it very seriously and worked really hard to get the details right. The blue collar was of special significance. Apparently it was part of Tally's signature style ;-) 

I love even more that this was a surprise Christmas commission. The owners were kind enough to thank me personally via Facebook and let me know that the work was appreciated. I received these glowing reviews which really made my day: 

"Robert: I cannot express how much your painting of Tally moves me...it captures her life essence and kind spirit like no photograph could...It's just a shame that we lost her at such a relatively young age...This was the BEST Christmas gift ever from (my wife) to me....we've hung it in our family room so I can see it 90% of waking hours downstairs. Thanks for capturing her the way you did."

"My daughter was all weepy when she first saw it. (My husband) hung it immediately after. He mentions how much he loves it several times a day." 

 Part of the reason I love doing pet portraits is because it's so meaningful for the collectors. Not a lot of art really has such an immediate, visceral impact. Luckily for me I genuinely enjoy making them. I LOVE animals and the endless variety of personalities (for lack of a better word), visual textures, and expressions they have is inspiring.  

More to come!

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