Goth Art Weekend Part One

Monday, March 13, 2017
As a devoted fan of both Loveline and the Film Vault I was elated to hear that Anderson pulled the trigger on his crowdfunding campaign to generate funds for his movie. I donated a 16 by 20 sized pet portrait as a raffle prize to help raise money. The winner, a really cool guy named Marc, has an adorable little cat with vampire teeth. 

I decided not to go full Halloween with it. I wanted a bit of a dramatic flair but also to retain a feel of elegance and formality. I've gone with some abstracted violet drapes to impart a feel of regality. I think the deep tones will really make the eyes and teeth stand out as the stars of this show.

I was then inspired to start a painting of my girlfriend who is also of the goth persuasion. So far so good. I've been doing a lot of these little face paintings lately to try and loosen up with my painting technique. I'm looking forward to doing some more this week. Maybe Ray Liotta?

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