Monster Party Day 1

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I've decided to have some fun this month. I felt like it would be fun to ride this wave of political zeitgeist with the upcoming elections and make some political designs. Unfortunately this proved too boring....until I started monkeying around with Halloween imagery. I decided that politicians ARE monsters so I might as well reflect them in all their hideous glory. 

Our Prez as a Zombie on a shirt
I've been having a blast adding them to a new Zazzle store called Political Poison. The image of my brother dressed as Abraham Lincoln on the top always makes me laugh my ass off. I'm experimenting with new designs daily.  

Zombie Prez on a phone case
I made a bunch of designs and have been experimenting with tweaking them. I totally like this Zombie Obama. I happen to like our President but you have to admit he looks pretty cool as a zombie. I think the bloody flag background is a pretty interesting touch. 

You can see the full portfolio of product designs HERE and the gallery of prints HERE

Happy Halloween, weirdos! 

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