You Don't Know Jack!.....

Thursday, October 4, 2012
Detail of Jack the cat
painting by Robert Phelps
My cat Jack is a son of a bitch. Not literally, of course, because he's a cat but he is one of those furry monsters who loves to tear up furniture and knock things off shelves at all hours of the night. He's a relentless flirt and will cuddle up to anyone who promises to pet him. My little kitteh needs constant affection is always climbing on the keyboard while I'm typing.
Jack the master of napping with his come hither eyes....
In the middle of the night he finds noisy things to bat around for hours. If he wants you to get up in the morning he will rattle the wooden shades repeatedly until you can't stand anymore. He eats anything that will fit in his mouth and I often find rubber bands, small bits of plastic or string in the litter box. He will chew and scratch your hands to shreds for shits n' giggles. Some mornings I'm greeted with a series of soggy piles of cat puke he's left around the house--filled, usually with leaves of houseplants he decided to turn into salad. Other times I find mountains of shredded toilet paper strewn around the bathroom.
THIS is how you nap!
Still....he is the nicest cat I've ever met. He's impossible to resist. Look at that little face. Jack has taught me innumerable lessons in charm and persistence. He never stops going for what he wants and he never takes no for an answer. With the determination of Alexander the Great crossing the Hindu Kush Jack will get his cuddles! It is literally impossible to be mad at him for more than a microsecond. How does he do that?
I made the mistake of leaving a kitchen drawer open. Jack found my catnip stash and chewed through the bag.  He then proceeded to have an epic drug orgy in my living room.
So, I decided to paint him. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I was inspired to pay homage to Van Gogh's "Starry Night" in the background after staring at Jack's black coat for hours. In the end I think it does capture some of his spirit. You can see prints of him HERE, products with his furry mug HERE and a large, detailed picture of him HERE.
Catching ZZZZZs on daddy's knees........

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