Doing the Lord's work days 3 & 4

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 3 ended with a blaze of glory. It took me quite a while to measure and chalk in all the halo lines. was for nothing. On the following morning, day 4 of painting, I had to erase all the lines I had drawn. The client asked me to extend the field of blue sky and to have it melt more gracefully with the background.

Before and after

Done and done! The next step was painting in all the golden rays. I think I may need to soften them a bit tomorrow. I spent the whole day thinking about my complex relationship with Jesus. I'm very much a fan of Jesus. I love reading about Him and looking at all the great artwork He inspired. However, I'm by no means a religious guy.

I see Jesus as a great teacher like Buddha or Lao-Tzu. I always imagine that He'd be really interesting to meet. There are many wise words attributed to him and I embrace His teachings. I can genuinely say I've enjoyed painting Him (despite the exhausting climbs up the scaffolding) and that I look forward to doing it again. One more day tomorrow....the final stretch!

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