She's Such A Classic Girl.....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

     One of the longest running themes in my life is my unwavering love of mythology. As a wee lad I would pour over mountains of mythology books, soaking in all the ancient grandeur like sun rays after a storm. My first official business card had a painting of Theseus wrestling the Minotaur. 

I don't have time to dive into the nuances of my obsession today but while spelunking I found a few gems from my archives. Nymphs and satyrs (or saytrs) have been my perennial favorite subjects since I was a teenager. 
This fun little video here is a fun trek down memory lane for me. My friend and patron Tom Callos purchased this small painting of Persephone I had painted in 2002 or so. I really appreciate his enthusiasm and high praise. It's one of the best parts about being an artist. Take a look....

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