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Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.
Walt Whitman

    I've always loved fooling around with costumes and personas. Astrologers would say this was natural for a Gemini and I would have to agree. These days I am pretty much constantly working on murals, paintings, faux projects, etc. When I want to have some fun I fool around on the computer for a few minutes challenging myself to create a unique disguise a la Sherlock Holmes. I find it incredibly fun and it makes me titter like a monkey every time. 

The artist as a young miscreant. Here I am in 1986 or so as a wayward 10 year old. There was a companion picture to go with this. I dressed "preppy" for another one but my brother cropped my head off by accident. 

When I was a kid I just played with different personas with the camera. I'm far too lazy for playing dress up these days. 

This was a tribute to that within us all that is deathless. Soul, Atman...whatever. I painted this with the idea of myself  in death mask blowing a kiss to myself from beyond. It was a reminder of both death and eternal life. 
I've drawn and painted myself in all sorts of strange ways. What I would look like older, as an Asian, etc.  

Getting my Patrick Nagel on. Without my scruff I look like a totally different person. I didn't want to spend too much time on it. For a quickie I think it's pretty good....
Now on my coffee breaks I get into this kind of Photoshop chicanery.....

Old Timey Robert Phelps

Samurai Warrior Robert Phelps

Religious Toast Robert Phelps

Victorian Curmudgeon Robert Phelps

Hypnotic Neon Robert Phelps

Patriotic, Beer-Swiller Robert Phelps

80s Trading Card Robert Phelps

Suck It Robert Evans....Robert Phelps took your place in the movie poster

Frenchy Fancy Pants Robert Phelps

Civil War General Robert Phelps

A Dedicated Follower of Fashion
A dedicated follower.....of the One True Ring! 
Robert Phelps vampire....Lost Boys not Twilight....
Robert Phelps zombie horde....

I wanna be your dog! 
Psychedelic Robert Phelps
Time waster? Maybe. But everyone needs hobbies ;-) 

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