The Magic of Tinking Big

Monday, August 6, 2012
The dog has got more fun out of Man than Man has got out of the dog, for the clearly demonstrable reason that Man is the more laughable of the two animals.
James Thurber

     This is one of my more recent pet portraits. This little girl is named "Tink" which is short for "tinkle". She would get herself all worked up and come a runnin' and as soon as she got to your feet she produced a golden river all over the tile floor. I don't really know why. After a few times you learned not to put your hand down for the petting party because that was the switch which set the flood gates off. If you could hold off a bit she would calm down and you might be spared the soggy sandals. 

     Tink is an example of the many dogs in my life who were cold and suspicious of me at first and then melted into a fuzzy BFF after a few visits. I never think too much about this phenomenon....or I at least try not to take it personally. I figure a guy with a low voice and the sweet stench (to a dog's nose) of two house cats must warrant some trepidation. But I love almost all dogs and they usually come to love me back. 

     This portrait was especially fun. It was commissioned by the owner's roommate, a lovely woman for whom I worked for a few weeks named Annette. It was a birthday gift for her room mate, Heather. Tink is her pride and joy. We conspired to do it as a surprise gift and the unveiling was spectacular. Heather and Annette hosted a fantastic dinner party with drinks on the beach. It was an amazing spread of roasted vegetables, exotic cheeses, spiced meats, luxurious salads. I'm still in awe of their entertaining skills. 

     It was a fantastic evening of cordial conversation and interesting stories. As the evening wound down we all settled in for couch n' cocktails. As the birthday girl was distracted reading cards we sprung Tink's portrait on her. What a fantastic surprise. You could feel the air swell with a wave of joy. That was a hoot! 

     I've made Tink's portrait available as prints which you can find by clicking HERE. Or if you'd like to see Tink and other dog art on a wide array of products please visit my store by clicking HERE. She's an amazingly unique specimen of Dachshund with two different colored eyes and very unique markings. 

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