A Golden Opportunity

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Rusty by Robert Phelps
I dropped off my most recent pet portrait commission today. A close friend of mine bought it as a wedding gift for her friends. I wasn't able to get it done in time for the ceremony but I think in the end it's better that way. Right now the painting is wrapped in white paper with silver hearts with a big, shiny, multi-colored bow dancing on the front. I delivered it directly to the hands of the newly married recipient's boss. First thing tomorrow morning....boom! Surprise surprise

Most wedding gifts get lost in the shuffle at the reception. Too many boxes, bows, emotions and booze melting all the goodwill into a gooey sentimental fondue. Plus most presents are just practical items purchased from gift registries. Nice, but not unique or special. This is a lovingly-crafted piece of artwork with weeks of effort seared into it. 

Tomorrow morning will be gray and gloomy thanks to a looming storm named Isaac. Our unsuspecting recipient will be getting to work early to start her shift, surely dodging drizzly drops from the soggy skies. Once inside she'll be rewarded with a shiny package with a beaming portrait of her beloved dog. I wish I could see her face! 

Huzzah for simple pleasures! Take a look HERE to see prints of Rusty. 

1 comment:

  1. Robert,
    Justin and I just want to say Thank You for the portrait of Rusty! It was the absolute best wedding gift ever. I look at it everyday and am so happy to have this beautiful piece.Rusty is such an important part of our lives and this will live with us forever.
    Much appreciated,
    Candice and Justin